Small business owners or startups usually get started with word of mouth alone — and as a result many won’t even consider using marketing tools to grab a larger number of clients or customers. By doing this, they’re missing out on tools that could prove more effective and will be persuasive in the long run too.

In the end, though, the competition for the top niches related to any category is tough and you should have a functional marketing strategy to keep up with the pace.

Target audience –Who are they?

Many brands define their marketing strategies and goals on the basis of their target customers from the beginning, but most of them struggle to figure out who exactly they are trying to reach. The very own existence of the brand relies on the demand for their products –These people are your target audience, the ones who will have an impact on your business. They will evaluate whether your products comply with their requirements/needs or not.

·         Your target audiences could be people in their 20s and 30s

·         Your target audiences could be people who own an iPhone or iPad

·         Your target audience could be people engaged in a particular type of sports activity

By finding your target audience you can find the customers you are targeting and hopefully grab their attention through your marketing campaigns.

Good Tools for Productivity

Google Analytics

Many successful marketers run all their marketing campaigns on the basis of the calculations and analysis of Google Analytics. This tool is free to use and you can link your business website to it to get more information about your target customers (including the pages they visit and the ones where they stay the most).

Google Analytics will also recommend which sections of your site or which keywords you should focus on more. It will also let you know how your target audience is finding your site and what their ages or genders are.

Google Trends

Want to know what’s trending these days? What people are looking for? What they search for online nowadays? Google Trends will let you know about the trending topics and give insights into your customer’s interests.

To make the most of this tool, you need to choose the location and subcategory related to your niche and then find popular search terms related to that category. Google Trends will also tell you which products from different brands are really popular right now and which products from your competing businesses are in great demand for the time being. This tool is really effective for the planning and analysis of people’s interests and how you can draw their attention through your marketing campaigns.


To learn about the metrics related to searches conducted by your target audience, Followerwonk is a key tool.

The tool crawls data from the timelines of Twitter users on the basis of their interests and Tweets and analyzes their involvements. The idea behind it is to be able to get a close look at your audience’s interests. It will let you identify when your target audiences are most active on Twitter so you can get better insights and can scrutinize useful data.


Although best known as a social community platform, Quora that has great potential to help you amplify your marketing strategies. Here, marketers can streamline and grow the ratio of its customer base by generating referral traffic to their websites.

Quora has proven to be a fruitful source of referral traffic if you share useful information on it. The platform relies on questions and answers on a variety of subjects like technology, home, and garden, health and fitness, etc.

The community is full of professionals and dedicated users that post solutions and recommendations on various issues and problems. You can grow your brand in a similar fashion by adding useful links to your answers that lead to your business website.

You can also publish ads on specific answers that can direct readers towards your website.


CrazyEgg allows you to assess what your customers do when they land on your website. You can see which areas of your website they access first and which pages engage them more. It also provides you with metrics about the entire click rate throughout your website. You can have access to all features of this tool free for thirty days –after that, you can consider investing in it or not.

CrazyEgg provides you with information about customer behavior and records their sessions as well. Crazy Egg also gives you a heat map of your website to let see you what your users are more likely to view; it may also highlight the page areas or options that are making them leave the website. For example, if the heatmap is around a price tag, you can better evaluate that either the products are not priced adequately or the users are having difficulty calculating the product price.

With a detailed analysis of the heatmap and cross-checking it with sales, you can figure out website issues. Merchants who are using WordPress can try a tool like WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin to help them automate prices of products that are sold in measurement units like KGs, meters, liters, etc.


Conducting an online survey is also one of the tactics that marketers use to learn more about the interests and activities of potential customers. You can use Typeform for this job, as it allows you to answer a question related to specific categories. Conducting surveys and providing answers to questions can reveal many things about one’s personality, likes and dislikes and interests as well. This tool is ideal for the job as the surveys that are conducted are very user-friendly and you can easily embed them into your website as well.


Reddit is a social networking website where users share their ideas and discuss their issues. The site receives millions of unique visits every month and entrepreneurs are already making the most of it by adding backlinks to their business websites. Reddit has strict policies about sharing links for referral traffic but there are still ways you can implement your marketing strategy on the website without getting in trouble.

Reddit is also valuable to interact and communicate with people and identify their demographic locations. You can also get an insight into their needs and wants and learn about what appeals to them.

In the end, it’s all about choices

As the interests of people change, it’s important to keep up with the changing trends and these tools can make your job much easier. Being aware of the changing interests of potential customers will get you one step ahead of your competitors and help you introduce improvements in your products.


**About the Author: Paul Simmons works for a web design company called “Extendons.