Obviously, you will also need to continue spreading the word about your site as much as you can.

Your duty as a blogger does not end with the single effort of publishing a post, as you will have to continuously market your blog if you want to keep it alive and active. You must work on it really hard –and following an informative guide like Website Advisor can make this process a little bit easier.

Here are the top rules you must abide in order to effectively blog.

Internal Linking

Internal linking refers to linking to your older posts to provide your readers with a reference regarding a particular point in your current post. There are many reasons why you should do internal linking. One is to drive traffic to your site, keeping your older posts useful to audiences.

It will also help you prove your point and confirm what you’re trying to say. Finally, it helps add value to your site, giving you a score and a positive ranking in Google and other search engines.

Outbound Linking

If you’re quite familiar with guest blogging, then chances are you already understand this concept. Linking to other bloggers will not just give you the value of referencing to people of authority in your field, but it also gives you the opportunity to invite others to join and contribute to your topic.

In addition, this is a great way to build your reputation as an authority and makes you more credible to search engines.


One of the worst things you can do in the eyes of search engines is plagiarism. Because a successful blog requires a lot of posts about tons of ideas, chances are you’ll run dry at some point.

It’s at this point when some bloggers are often tempted to copy other bloggers’ work — but this is a sure way to kill your site’s reputation and ranking. If you don’t want to be penalized by Google, you need to avoid plagiarizing. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to write, there’s always the option of getting help from an SEO expert.


Most netizens or online users are not fond of reading long boring posts. As a matter of fact, many online readers will leave a site if they find that a certain post is composed of very long paragraphs.

Long paragraphs feel stuffy and are hard to follow, so avoid them at all costs to make sure you don’t end up losing readers.


Each time you post something on your blog, make sure that you end it with a Call to Action. Inviting your readers to leave a comment will make them feel that they can participate and be part of the action.

Comments are good for blogs. It gives you credibility and makes your posts valuable since they show that people find your content relatable. More comments likely implies more value to your blog post.

Social Media Usage

Another way to invite and gather visitors to your site is through social media. Make yourself visible through appropriate social accounts connected to your blogs. Any chance you get to mention or market your blog on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is one more chance of bringing eyes to your blog.

Wrapping Up

The most basic thing you can do for your blog is to be consistent. Never let a month pass without publishing something on your blog. Be active, be interesting, and engage your readers and your blog will grow.