Lately, writing has been feeling more like a chore than a creative process. And this week has been one where I’m more interested in reading about writing better than actually writing.

As a result, I’ve been in the mood to visit my favorite resources for inspiration. This is the best remedy I know when I feel like I’m about to get a really bad case of writer’s block.

Here’s a short list of resources I turned to this week when I was feeling stuck. Maybe they’ll be helpful the next time you find yourself struggling to get something down on the page.

Product Hunt Collection: Tools for Writing

Product Hunt is an awesome community-driven leaderboard that curates new tech products. It’s a big favorite in our office and a great way to discover new stuff if you have a few minutes during the day.

One cool feature is that members can create collections of hunted products. The collection Just Write by Evan Sims showed up in my email digest, and it fit well with my mindset this week. It lists a range of tools designed to help you write better or practice writing as a craft.

One product that caught my eye was BlankPage. It’s a tool that offers a distraction-free writing environment and encourages you to set daily word goals. You can also write in pieces and reorder them later! It’s an interesting solution for any writers who dread trying to fill up a bunch of white space.

remotiveio is a staple in my regular routine. It’s a weekly newsletter that curates content about communication, productivity, and remote working.

I’ve found that it never fails to turn up relevant content full of tips and stories. There’s always something in it that gives me some inspiration or helps me discover new ideas for ways I can improve how I live and work.

Favorite discovery this week?

Noisli is a background noise generator, which lets you mix different sounds together to create the perfect environment for relaxing or working.

In the same vein, I love My Morning Routine.  It shares the morning routines of real people from all over the world for ways you can set yourself up for a productive working day.


Goins, Writer is one of my favorite writing blogs, but it’s still easy to forget about other places Jeff Goins shares content.

This week, I decided to check out his Twitter timeline @JeffGoins to see if I was missing out on any extra bits of advice.

Here’s what I’ve been missing:

More than tweets, there was also some nice reply action happening. Sometimes, it’s nice to take a break from reading content and check out the conversation about writing. It’s an easy way to pick up new tips, tools, and share ideas!

Next time you’re looking for ideas, why not check out what your favorite writer or blogger is tweeting about? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Death to the Stock Photo


This is another email resource, but it’s not a newsletter. Death to the Stock Photo is an awesome project created and maintained by Allison Lehman and David Sherry. It’s goal is to provide free, unconventional stock photography. Unlike your standard stock photos, the images are modern and stylized.

You can’t download anything from their site, you’ll need to sign up. Once a month, you’ll get a pack of free photos based around different themes straight to your inbox. I like to keep the different photo collections, especially for times when I need a boost of visual inspiration.

And recently, they’ve also teamed up with Medium to send writing prompts along with a specially curated pack of photos.

image: Death to the Stock Photo

Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings is a blog by Maria Popova that’s full of curated cultural gems from a lot of different fields such as art, design, science, technology, history, politics, etc. It’s one of those sites where you learn something new or get exposed to a new idea every time you visit.

Posts often focus on unusual and unexpected aspects of how authors, philosophers, and creative leaders inspire their own creativity and drive to work. In general, you’ll always find interesting resources, visuals, and advice for creatives!

Here are some awesome articles from this week:



It might sound unconventional, but I’ve found myself really into podcasts lately. In particular, the podcast series StartUp by Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber has not only grabbed my attention, but it’s also sparked my own creativity in ways that surprised me.

This type of podcast really focus on the art of storytelling and journalism. And as a writer, the way each episode is crafted and pieced together appeals to me. Not only does it share sound advice about the real-life trials of starting a business, but it’s an incredible example of how to share your story in way that’s relatable for everyone.

If StartUp isn’t your thing, Basecamp recently shared a great list of podcasts on their blog. I highly suggest checking one out.

What are your go to resources when you’re feeling stuck? Share your favorites with us!

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