[guest post by Zoe Anderson]

If you use a blog correctly, it’s a powerful marketing tool and an invaluable resource for communicating with your target audience. If you started one and never really gave it the attention it deserves then it will never give you a return on investment (ROI). If your business blog sucks, it’s time to step up your game.

You Hardly Update

If you only update when you feel like it, your blog is going to get buried in the abyss of the internet. Search engines prefer to catalogue regularly updated blogs. If your blog is crawled and Google finds that nothing has changed for a while, they’re going to assume your blog is dead. You need to have a regular posting schedule if you want to get to the top. It’s worth noting that readers will become disinterested if they can never find new content on your blog, and they’ll move elsewhere.

All Your Posts are Advertisements

Why would anyone volunteer to be blatantly advertised to? If your blog exists as one giant advertisement, nobody is going to read it of their own volition. The content you post has to actually provide value to your audience. You can write about cool things in your niche or new innovations in your industry. Create tutorial posts that are relevant to your business. You need to give them a reason to keep coming back, and a lengthy archive of blatant sales pitches isn’t what they’re looking for.

Your Layout is Terrible

How do people find things on your blog? What is your organizational system? If everything is lumped together, nobody wants to dig to find what they came for. Make sure your blog is well organized and easy for users to navigate. Another thing to consider is the way your blog appears on mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets make up a significant portion of the traffic to blogs, and if your blog doesn’t display well on these devices, your bounce rate will go through the roof.

You Only Blog Walls of Text

All of that text causes fatigue on the eyes. People will scroll right through, and if they don’t see anything interesting, they’ll just leave. Make sure you’re breaking up your text with visually appealing images, colorful graphics, and even video content. Integrate as much media as you can into that text. You need something to catch the reader’s eye. A great image might pull them into an article they may not have otherwise read.

Your Call to Action is Weak

Do people know where to go to buy what you’re selling? Is there something they can click on that will direct them to your website? Make sure your call to action button commands attention, and is placed in the framework of your blog. Hyperlink to your sales pages in your blog posts when it’s relevant to do so, but make sure your readers can see the option to shop with you on every page of your blog.

You Don’t Encourage Sharing

When people read content that they feel their friends would enjoy, they like to share it. If you make it difficult for them to do it, they may pass up the opportunity. Make sure your posts have buttons for sharing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a small change to implement that could vastly increase your readership.

If your blog sucks, there’s still time to fix it. If your blog sucks bad, it may be time for a complete overhaul. See if a few quick fixes will make your blog appealing to readers. If not, it may be worth the time and investment to start an entirely new blog.

** About the Author: Zoe Anderson is a tech-savvy blogger with a background in education, currently involved with the specialists at StudySelect. She is particularly interested in how social media and blogging can help business reach bigger audiences and grow.

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