[guest post by Carol Williams]

Here are three more kinds of visual content you should consider using for your marketing campaigns:

4. Screenshots

You might have noticed that many blogs offering guest post opportunities ask authors to provide screenshots and high-quality images to accompany their pieces. A how-to guide won’t be half as interesting if it’s not accompanied by practical screenshots which clearly show every step of the process.

Screenshots are not hard to create and they can be of great help to users in understanding your point. Remember that all screenshots can be modified to be even more instructive. You can add arrows, underline content or mark it in a visible circle – those elements provide visual guidance to users and clearly state the intention of every screenshot.

5. Videos

It’s clear that videos are very useful for presenting common problems and showing potential solutions your product or service can offer. Even if the format seems slightly more challenging, there are many tools which can help you to easily create stunning videos that will accompany your campaign, showing that you’re prepared to spend time and resources on polishing your messaging to consumers.

One study reveled that featuring a video on a landing page increases conversions by 86%. There are many kinds of videos that can serve your marketing needs – there are animations, product demonstrations, how-to videos and customer testimonials. All will add something different to your online branding – whichever type you choose, you need to make sure that the style fits your brand. And it’s definitely worth it – this study by Moz shows that posts with videos receive almost 300% more inbound links.

6. Presentations

Sometimes spicing up your visual marketing strategy can be a good idea. Try to reach beyond your usual channels and you might find out new formats to serve your needs. One of the biggest platforms rising in the marketing game is Slideshare. Many brands upload presentations of their products to reach out to new audiences – and it works!

Consider creating a well-designed and inspiring presentation – if it’s really engaging, your work might make it into the Slideshare homepage or become one of the Slideshares of the Day. It might also be featured in the Trending in Your Network section. All of the above are amazing opportunities for boosting your traffic.

Make sure that your presentation is visually consistent – elements like fonts, borders and colors should all match. If you think nobody will read the text captions, you’re wrong – no misspellings or grammar mistakes are allowed! Keep your data sources reputable too.

It’s clear that visual content can give a major boost to your textual content, fostering user engagement with your brand and product. Colorful graphics and inspiring images can become your secret card for driving in lots of traffic to your blog and website.


** About the author: Carol Williams is part of the marketing team behind Oranges Online. She combines her passion and experience in digital marketing with her love for writing.

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