And, on social media, the most widely-used and viral hashtags get recommended first, when searching for useful ones.

If you want your social media to flourish without having to do all the guesswork, then don’t worry! In this article, we’ll talk about 6 of the best hashtag generator tools that you can use – in fact, you can start improving your social media today, if you try out any of these tools.

Not only are these tools a good way to find effective hashtags, but they also give you plenty good results on the fly, regardless if they’re free or paid. 

So, want to improve your social media posts with good hashtags? Then check out these 6 hashtag generator tools!


BigBangram comes in both free and paid versions. However, with the paid version, you have access to more customizations and advanced search alternative, so that you can get the best out of searching for the most effective hashtags to use.

On the other hand, if you only care to use the free version, BigBangram’s simple hashtag search engine can still get you hooked up on the latest hashtag suggestions, based on the search phrases that you may enter. With BigBangram, you’ll have plenty of access to amazing hashtag ideas, as well as useful analytics and understandings


HashtagsForLikes provides you with a vast library of the most popular and trending hashtags for any niche, making it a powerful hashtag generator tool that all social media influencers and businesses must have in their marketing toolkit. By using the right hashtags, this tool can help you boost your reach, and get more people what you have in store for them.

Available in both paid ($15 per week) and free versions, HashtagsForLikes helps you attract more genuine followers by hooking you up with relevant hashtags, so that you won’t have to waste time finding irrelevant ones. This tool is also compatible with social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, making it ideal for influencers and businesses on said platforms. 

All Hashtag

If you’re looking for hashtags that go beyond Instagram and Twitter, then go for All Hashtag, which works for multiple social media platforms. All you have to do is insert a word in its search engine to get suggestions of relevant hashtags. As for using said hashtags, it’s easy to copy-paste them into your social media posts.

In short, with All Hashtag, it will not only help you expand the reach of your content, but also amplify your brand’s social media presence.


Ingramer takes out all the guesswork in finding the right hashtag for your Instagram posts. Both easy and effective, this tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate hashtags for a keyword, photograph, or URL. What’s even better is that its algorithms are designed to suggest and analyze hashtags in so many languages.


SISTRIX lets you create popular hashtags that relate to your article. All you have to do is look for a hashtag that’s not only relevant to your company, but also to people looking for companies like you. It even suggests 30 of the best hashtags that pertain to your tag.

With over 15 billion hashtag combinations, as well as 7.7 million different hashtags, in its database, SISTRIX is a must-have for people looking to score more viewers with their posts. 


A web-based interface for Instagram, Webstagram lets you find the most popular hashtags that can help you reach more people. This tool also helps you discover the most popular Instagrammers to date, and let you search for photos and posts by a specific username or tag.

With Webstagram, you’re able to access and repost images by other users without having to switch over to your mobile devices.


With hashtags being the norm on social media, why not utilize and (eventually) capitalize on it by using any of these 6 hashtag generator tools mentioned in this article. Whether you use one or all of these tools is up to you. Whichever gets you the most attention on social media – use it! Whichever offers the best hashtags – go for it!

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