In most cases, lack of time is connected with everyday activities that are not optimized properly. It’s not about finding more time for what you do, but learning how to be in charge of it. It’s about working smarter, not harder.

If you believe you need to adjust your everyday schedule and improve your work, then take a look at this list of online tools. Whether you have an online business or blog, your activity can become significantly more efficient and successful when you get the right apps and adopt the right methods.

Name/domain name generator

Coming up with a relevant, memorable and available domain/business name can be daunting –Writing down the possible options, picking the ones that seem to be better than others, trying them out, failing, and starting all over again is a pretty long process. To make the process easier, you can take advantage of an online tool called Domain Puzzler, which offers various modes of domain creation:

· Easy

Enter a list of preferred keywords separated by commas and the tool will provide you with a list of suggested domain names.


Advanced mode allows you to create more original names by combining the keywords in various ways.

· Magic

This mode uses your list of keywords and performs an additional search to find related words and suggest even more original options.

When trying to invent a name yourself, you have to sort a number of options manually and hope that you will come up with a perfect one at some point. With Domain Puzzler you can do this significantly faster and end up with better results.

Project management and communication platform

If you work in a team, then it is crucial to have special tools for project management and direct communication. Traditional messengers like Skype and Gmail make it hard to find the materials in the chat history or conversation threads. They also don’t have any public file storages and don’t provide an opportunity to check on the progress of your work along the way.

Basecamp is a platform for online project management that solves these issues. This tool allows you to keep your work in one place and allow all company members to be aware of the project’s status. Each member can take a look at any project and review the current status. Due to Basecamp, company members can focus on work they have to do instead of discussing the progress and other organizational details.

Basecamp is a paid tool, so if you are not ready to purchase it, you can also try another one. It is called Trello. This task management program has a free basic version and a paid professional version. The difference is that the second one provides more instruments and features, but you can use a free one for most of your business needs. Trello allows members to assign tasks to each other, provide instructions, keep in touch, and more.

Creating a logo for your company

No company, whether big or small, can be successful without a recognizable logo. If you want to have a perfect and unique one for your business, then you should consider hiring a professional designer. But this is not only costly but also time-consuming (especially when it comes to correction and customization). However, what if you have a limited budget and don’t want to wait for too long? Then you should try DesignHill.

This is a logo making tool that uses the latest technologies of AI and allows you to create good-looking logos without wasting too much time (and money). Provide the tool with your basic preferences such as style and colors. Taking your recommendations into account, the program will create an original image for you. Then you can edit an offered logo the way you want. The tool is not free and the cheapest version of the file will cost you about $20.

Simplified web hosting

If you are new to online business, you may find the initial website setup overwhelming. You need to install a website app like WordPress, connect the domains, and adjust numerous settings. This is especially true if you are not very tech-savvy and have no idea about the technical side of the problem.

Bluehost is a hosting platform that makes everything simple and offers clear solutions for WordPress sites and other similar apps. With its help, you can launch your WordPress site with a couple of mouse clicks. Check the tutorials Bluehost has created for users before you start. If you still have any problems or questions after you read the tutorials, make sure to ask customer support for help. The company provides users with constant support via online chat.

Fast email responses

Reading and responding to emails takes too much of your time. Unfortunately, this prevents you from doing something more important – your actual tasks.

To speed up the process, you can use automatic responses offered by Gmail. Or you can simply create a standard response email and then copy/paste the same replies to make the process faster. However, Gmail’s suggested answers can make it even easier. There are standard replies there, but you can use the automatic templates composed by yourself as well. So when you need to reply to an email in a very formal way, you just choose one of your pre-written letters and insert the one you need.

It’s hard to imagine a brand that reaches success without the help of digital technologies. Online tools are incredibly helpful when it comes to such issues as communication within a team, content creation, or making your brand look more professional.

Take a close look at these applications and tools and choose those that meet your business needs. Most of them are designed to save your time and improve your productivity.


**About the Author: Jennifer Pauli graduated from Corvinus School of Management and finished the faculty of Journalism at Corvinus University of Budapest. She is currently an editor, business writer, and copywriter working with and other well-known companies, blogs, and personalities. Follow her on TwitterG+ and read her personal blog.