[guest post by Robert Morris]

The second aspect, which happens to be absolutely essential to the first, is the blog promotion. We marketers call it traffic, and we consider it to be the currency of website promotion. You know how well your marketing efforts turn out by observing the amount of traffic that you get.

Website promotion is quite complex because it never stays the same. The marketplace goes through continuous changes. Therefore, we must keep up with the trends. We need to see what’s working, what isn’t working, and create a big wall between the two alternatives. We’re aiming for the first!

The more traffic you pump into your blog, the more leads and sales your blog will generate. It’s a numbers game – scaling a working strategy is always the perfect strategy.

Let’s take a look at 5 important ways to boost the traffic on your blog. If you really want them to work, you obviously need to apply them.

Be everywhere

Everywhere means every possible promotion channel. Here are a few examples:

– Social Media (choose the most relevant networks for your own niche and business)

– SEO (improve rankings and organic traffic)

– Niche Forums (make yourself known by providing valuable tips and tricks)

– Q&A platforms (Yahoo Answers and Quora are good options)

– Local Media (Radio, TV, Newspapers)

– Flyers

– Banners and advertisements (Media buy)

And don’t stop! You should exhaust every possible channel of distribution and make your name known. After all, it’s pretty obvious – the more you appear in people’s eyes, the more you’ll improve your brand awareness.

You should focus on each promotion channel individually until you are stable. Only then advance to the next. You shouldn’t multi-task your website promotion too much. At least choose two or three things, and focus on those.

Create super value

If you want your blog to be successful, it must be extremely valuable for your readers. The consumer’s market is now very strict with their purchasing decision. Time is also an asset that not many people afford. Therefore, keeping your blog extremely relevant to your audience will only boost your traffic and success.

If you give your visitors value, they’ll feel compelled to share your blog around. They will actually want their friends to read what they’ve just read. That’s because the information is too good, and it’s worth sharing around. Create valuable content or cooperate with essay writing companies and share the best experience with your readers. They’ll either share it on their social media profiles, or they’ll link to it directly through an instant message. Either way, this benefits your business big time!

Give your traffic a unique experience

If you want success, stand out from the crowd and do something different. People are looking for good experiences. Your blog, services, and products must fulfill your customers’ needs while also offering them a unique experience throughout the purchase process. For example, you can surprise them by over delivering something.

Give them a unique design experience. Give them a FREE product. Give them your involvement and generosity and they’ll reward you double!

Find the thing that makes your blog original. Then, begin to leverage it as much as you can. People don’t remember ordinary things – they want something different.

Take advantage of industry influencers

Industry influencers are basically persons that have a large social following. They are either followed on their social media channels, either known as “famous” people. These industry influencers hold a great potential for businesses that activate within the same field of activity.

For example, Nike uses famous footballers like Ronaldo and Messi in order to promote their brand. In your case, you can start promoting you golf blog (for example) by approaching individuals that are well known in the golfing industry. They could be famous players, retired players, and so on.

Approach them, explain your motives and purposes, and make them a generous offer. You’ll often have to invest quite a sum, but it’s so worth it.

Analyze, optimize, and scale

The last and the most important tip for today is the following:

Always keep track of your business activity. You need to know about everything that’s going on with your traffic. You must know what they like, what they click most, what articles they enjoy, and so on. There are plenty of blog analytics tools around the web; find them and implement them.

Consistently analyze your blog activity. Find the “leaks” and “hot spots”, and start optimizing. Don’t be afraid to make changes – you never know how brilliant they are. Finally, when you find something that works, you can proceed to the scaling process.

Website promotion is a fine art and also a complex skill. The more you practice, the better you get. It takes some time to learn, but in the end, it’s truly worthwhile. You’ll be able to bring thousands and (who knows?) millions of individuals to your website.

Keep working until you succeed, and never even consider giving up your blog only because your promotion results are insufficient. There’s time, and persisting upon the matter will often lead you to productive results.