Whether you’re a copywriter, an author or a jack-of-all-trades writers, learning to use social media to your benefit can open up doors and increase your opportunities.

Here are four ways to do social media right as a writer:

Pick one platform you enjoy

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram … there are tons of platforms out there you could be using for your writing career. However, chances are you won’t stick around and publish regularly if you hate the platform you’re using. So if you’re not a fan of social media, it makes sense you pick one single platform instead. Two if you think you can manage them.

One thing to keep in mind: social media is only useful if you post regularly. For Twitter, that means at least a few times per day. For Facebook, a few times per week as a minimum. How much you can commit to posting can help you decide which platform is better for you.

Another thing to consider is medium. If you prefer more of a conversation, Facebook is a better choice. Twitter is best for sharing things but is less likely to lead to an exchange.

Make it visual

No matter which platform you go with, images are key to reaching a larger audience. Whether you’re posting photos, book covers, illustrated quotes or infographics, images have a bigger impact on your readers than just chunks of text.

Don’t make it only about yourself

Sure, you’re using social media to let the world know you exist and to hopefully gain more work and more readers. But if you’re only posting about yourself, chances are readers will get bored. Add small snippets of wisdom from other writers, share links to interesting events or materials, and even promote other writers and their work. This will make your content more interesting and dynamic.

Follow influencers

While this works for any industry, writers can use social media not only to see what the competition is doing, but also to research trends, see who’s hiring, and get feedback from readers.

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