What you choose will depend on the time you have and your budget, but if you can run a competition, you will find that you gain a lot of followers. Of course, this assumes that they know about the competition in the first place; here are some ways to get it noticed and make it worthwhile.

1. Find Your Target Market

Running a competition on social media will when done right, certainly increase your followers and the engagement level on your page; therefore, it is important to spread the word as far as possible. Appealing to your target market is the best way to do this; not only will they be more likely to join in with the competition, but they will also be interested in looking at what else you are doing.

Do some research, for example, if you don’t already know who your target market is, find out to ensure that your blog and social media posts surrounding your competition will reach them. Using Click Intelligence to get the right balance of SEO in your posts is a good way to do this, and will help you to be more noticeable.

2. A Valuable Prize

Although some people will enter because they like your business or they find your website or social media pages engaging, others – and perhaps the majority at first – will enter because of the prize. Therefore, the prize needs to have some value attached to it. The better the prize, the more people will enter, and the more people who enter, the more they will tell, and so it goes on.

The prize, whatever it may be, should ideally have some association with your business. It might be something that would normally cost a reasonable amount of money, or it could be something that a sponsor has offered you. As long as the prize is something people want, they will enter the competition.

3. Offer Incentives

An important aspect to making it successful is to get it shared so you can reach more people and they talk about it; this is where incentives can be useful. If you offer all those who enter something for sharing your post, they will be much more likely to do so.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective incentives to offer is another entry. While this won’t cost you anything at all, it will increase the entrant’s chances of winning, and all they have to do is share your competition post.

4. Paid Ads

Although in many cases paid ads might not be necessary because you can use SEO and other techniques to boost your business organically, when you want a lot of entrants into your competition, they can be worth trying out. The ads will target specific sets of people (linked to your target market), and this will help you to manage your marketing costs more effectively.