It is where you offer value to customers and cultivate their trust in your company.

No matter how engaging your content might be, it will still fall short without the proper visual content to boost it.

Including the right visuals will truly engage your audience and provide visual proof of the quality of your company.

Using these formats of visual content will enhance your blog posts and bring them to a whole new level.

High-quality images

You always need to make sure that the images in your blog posts are of high quality.

Mainly, this will make your entire blog more memorable.

People are visual creatures. They remember images more than text, so including great photos simply communicates information faster than words.

When the image itself is interesting to the reader, the entire blog post is more readable and engaging.

Presenting your readers with valuable images will make your posts memorable and ultimately attract more visitors to your blog.

By adding quality images, you are increasing its SEO value and decreasing the bounce rate.

This will result in more views to your blog and increased user engagement.

Since visual content is more engaging, it will also increase the time users spend on your blog, and longer visits allow you more time to present and sell your product.

This is actually a great SEO practice for bloggers.
Search engine bots don’t detect images. Instead, they search for the captions, the name of the file itself, alt text, and title text. Including this metadata with your images means you get more chances to rank for relevant keywords.

You need to make sure that your images are scalable and just the right size, so that your blog loads quickly regardless of the device the readers use.

Your images can be as important as your text. Choosing a high-quality image provides your reader with a better user experience.

Video tutorials

You need to include video tutorials in your blog posts to make them more interesting and engaging.

People prefer to watch, rather than read.

Your customer’s attention spans are getting shorter, and it is much easier for them to search for a “how-to” video tutorial than actually read explanations and manuals.

Video grabs your reader’s attention in a way that text cannot, and that makes the information easier to deliver.

Video tutorials also help build trust.

When you explain your points through interesting, versatile, and engaging video tutorials, it helps your customer and immediately makes them regard you as dependable.

When your video tutorials are simple and understandable, you jumpstart the trust-building process.

Such content informs your readers, saves you time, and attracts more visits to your blog.

A study found that 84% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching video content about a product or service.

What more reason do you need in order to start with video tutorials immediately?

Now that you know that video is one of the strongest types of online content, you are ready to implement it and largely enhance your blog posts and visibility.


Using infographics is an incredibly effective way to engage your audience and make your blog posts more shareable.

Infographics bring your data to life.

Now, you know that you can’t hold your readers’ attention only with large blocks of text, but you still need a way to present your readers with key statistics and numbers.

That is where infographics come in handy — to make the information immediately understandable and more interesting.

This form of data visualization makes your content less text-heavy while still presenting the relevant hard data that your reader is looking for.

Another benefit of infographics is shareability.

Visual content receives a much larger number of views than text alone. Infographic content is significantly easier to share on various platforms.

This way, your information can reach a much larger audience.

According to HubSpot, infographics are the fourth most-used type of content marketing. It is why it is important to get on-board and make your blog even more awesome than it is.

Infographics are an excellent way to capture the attention of your readers while still providing them with all the necessary information.

Before and after images

Including before-and-after comparisons will drastically improve your blog’s credibility.

They help you persuade your readers that your product or service will bring the desired results.

Including before and after photos is proof that your service works.

Your readers will look for pictures to convince them you can do what they need. It is what your readers came to find out. And what is more important and engaging than that?

The transition from the first stage (what the situation used to be) to the transforming part (what it has become) creates a great boost of trust in your readers. It shows action!

This will remove any doubts your customer might have.

Before and after images are actually very easy to make. You can use a photo editor to place the photos side by side for maximum impact.

Using before and after images will expand your online reach and improve your blog presence.


Now that you know which visual content will improve your blog and increase the shareability of your posts, it is time to implement those tips!

This content is easy to create and makes a huge difference for your blog visibility and customer engagement.

You will quickly gain a higher number of followers, likes, shares, customers and, therefore, revenue.

These visuals will catch your readers’ attention with clarified information and a clearer perception of your content.

More attention means greater impact — so get creating!

**About the Author: Michelle Laurey works as a VA for small businesses. She loves talking business, and productivity, and share her experience with others. Outside her keyboard, she spends time with her Kindle library or binge-watching Billions. Her superpower? Vinyasa flow! Talk to her on Twitter @michelle_laurey.