5. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are important on Twitter because users often search content with them. One study showed that hashtags can double your engagement rate. Placing a hashtag in front of a word, you ensure that it’s searchable and appears in feeds generated by users.

This is how hashtags improve the visibility of your profile. Use those which are relevant to your niche and target audience. Make sure that they’re seamlessly integrated with the rest of your content.

6. Keep it short and sweet

It’s not like you can go beyond 140 characters, but you should still strive to keep your tweets really short. Shorter tweets with around 110 characters generate higher engagement by a smashing 17%. The reason behind it is practical – leaving some space, you’re helping your audience to retweet your tweets adding their own comment.

Using all 140 characters in your tweet, users will first have to edit it before adding their comment and retweeting – and that’s clearly too much to ask for. Ensuring that retweeting your messages is effortless, you’ll be on your way to enjoying higher engagement rates.

7. Advertise on Twitter

Twitter offers a host of smart advertising options – just check Twitter Ads and see what the functionality offers. You’ll find “Promoted Tweets,” “Promoted Accounts,” and “Promoted Trends”, all of which deserve your utmost attention – Twitter Ads can target an audience you build yourself.

Paying a fee, you can install these features in feeds of your followers. The system is nothing like Facebook’s Sponsored Posts – it’s unobtrusive, allowing your followers to easily browse their feeds without anything interfering with their experience.

8. Tweet on weekends

Many brands are convinced that users are active mostly on weekdays, but it’s weekends that get most traffic on Twitter. This report from Salesforce reveals that engagement on Twitter is 17% higher on Saturday and Sunday.

Consider hours of the day as well. Usually, brands choose to tweet after hours (8pm–7am), while it’s the daytime hours (8am–7pm) that receive a 30% higher engagement. And that goes for both weekdays and weekends.

It’s your job to measure engagement on every day of the week to see when and what times your audience is most active. Schedule your tweets for these times and enjoy greater exposure.

9. Include links

That same Salesforce report shows that 92% of all Twitter interactions occur on tweets which include links. Tweets with links receive 86% more retweets – and that’s not a metric to joke about.

Even if tweets with links bring such high engagement, we still don’t see too many of them. This study claims that only 36% of all tweets feature links. Use your chance to address this trend and include links in around 60-70% of your tweets to maximize engagement.

10. Don’t tweet about nothing in particular

Let’s get one thing clear – if you’re not a celebrity, you won’t get away with random lifestyle tweets. Tweets like that simply don’t bring any benefits, so don’t lose your time on them and instead focus on bringing valuable content to your audience.

Check out this list of 20 least engaging words on Twitter. Do words like home, watching, tomorrow, tired, or work ring a bell? That’s right, these are all lifestyle tweet words – so just avoid them and use powerful calls-to-action instead.

Bring your followers content which is fun, actionable or interesting and you’ll be on your way to creating a Twitter presence that effectively engages and converts your target audience.


** About the author: Kate Bones is responsible for the growth of checkdirector.co.uk platform. In her free time, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience through blogging.