There’s no way around it – You can’t have a successful blog unless you keep it active. Publishing content on a regular basis is key to gaining a larger readership, ranking better on Google, and getting more exposure. But who has time to create content on a daily basis? Not only is it time-consuming, but unless you’re a good writer yourself, this is one task better left to the professionals.

Here are three ideas on how and where to get the best content for your blog (other than writing it yourself).

Buy Blog Posts on Fiverr

When Fiverr first started a decade ago, it was all about cheap work of not-always optimal qualify. Things have changed a lot since then and today you can get great content from top writers at still incredibly low prices.

Fiverr articles will never replace something written by somebody who truly knows your blog inside and out (A.K.A. you) but for as little as $5 you can get a good quality blog post (click the link for sample gigs) that reads well and will match your readership. Some sellers even offer the option of additional customization (add links to other posts, provide metadata, add keywords and extra details) if you buy a second gig or a higher-priced package.

But even at the basic $5 per article, you can still find a lot of good content to keep your blog moving and growing without having to spend hours on it.

Reuse Your Own Content

This works particularly well if you have old posts that were once very popular and got you a lot of traffic but are not getting as much exposure anymore. Rather than letting your post slowly fade away, why not bring it back in a different format?

Keep in mind that “different” is the key word here. You don’t want to just republish the same article again but instead rework it into something new. For example, you can take a short blog post and add new material to it or update it with new information. If the original post was written years ago, things might have changed, links might be no longer relevant and new stats could have come into play – add these things into your post to make it fresh and valid today and then republish it.

Another way to do this is to turn your blog post into something else – an article can become a podcast, an infographic or even a video. Don’t have the skills for that? You can find video and infographic gigs on Fiverr too.

Accept Guest Posts

Guest posts are common in many blogs simply because they benefit both parties – the writer gets to include a link to his own site and the blog owner gets free content. Plus, guest posters will usually share the post on social media once it’s published, so you’ll get additional visibility for your site without any additional work.

If you’re ready to accept guest posts, decide in advance what you’ll accept and what’s off-limits. For example, topics should match what you usually publish, and links placed within the article shouldn’t feel overly promotional. You should also let potential guest posters how long an article should be (minimum and maximum word count) and any other details that will ensure you get a high-quality article for your blog.

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