Today, it is being used by massive corporations and individuals alike to get their messages across. The problem that the success of social media has brought on most people is that it is hard to get noticed if you are not well-known already. 

Add that together with SEO and other marketing strategies and the newbie on the block has very little chance of making it on the web. Luckily, there are some things to be done about that problem. Here are 21 tips for promoting your content on social media. 

Design targeted landing pages

SEO is one of the best SMM tools for creating content, as it can guide you towards what your pages should look like. If you study your field and use the right keywords, your site’s popularity will shoot through the roof. 

Using Facebook offers

First, there was Facebook ads and then came Facebook offers. Although it works the same as Facebook ads, it is strategically better as it is viewed in a user’s newsfeed and not the bottom right corner, which is reserved for ads. This means more exposure as emails are sent to the users who click the offers. 

Build an audience profile

Google trends is one of the best tools to use to find out what your ideal customer looks like. You can find out which keywords and searches are trending and tailor your content to match the keywords. The more research you do about the audience, the better you can cater to them. 

Divide and conquer your audience

To have a target audience is great, but to have a segmented target audience is better. Not all customers are the same and your content does not suit everyone who visits your page. Break it up and give your viewers the option of viewing more specific content. 

Check your facts

The one thing that will chase possible clients away is data that is not factual or true. When you create content and view content from others, get into the habit of making sure it is relevant and true. From reading and viewing other content, you can also generate new or upgraded content.

Be your industry’s one-stop fact shop

People are becoming increasingly impatient and want answers to their questions now. When they go to your site and do not find the answer that they are looking for, they will go somewhere else. Make your site the Wikipedia of your industry with all the right answers and optimization strategy to beat the 15-second rule.

Let the audience speak to you

When you allow your audience to speak to you, it placed the ball in their court to fill in the gaps for you. Ask them anything and they will shower you with their thoughts and opinions. These opinions matter and should be used in your content. 

Like your customers

People like to feel valued. When you know who your customers are, look them up on social media and give them a like. They will feel special and come back to you. Positive reinforcement and acknowledgment are powerful tools in the hands of a content creator. 

Make your content adaptive

A large part of your target audience will be made up of millennials who are digital natives. They have a better bond with tech than any other generation. Make your content adaptable so that it can be accessed from any device. This will make sure that everyone can view it. 

Do not neglect A/B tests

With any big choice you have to make concerning your content, turn to A/B tests and make sure you know what your viewers prefer. You are going to save yourself a lot of frustration by being through about what you put out there. 

Build your skills online

Online learning has grown immensely over the last decade and you can benefit from it by finding topic training modules. There are thousands of courses that you can do to expand your knowledge and then create impressive content yourself rusbankinfo

Stay true to your values

Your values set you apart from the ones who are fake. Use SEO and all that, but never stray from your core values. People admire authenticity and it is also easy to create from what you believe. 

Secure your brand name

Before starting with your content, make sure you secure your brand name on all social media platforms. People go out of their way to fit their brand names to their domains; they should do the same for their social media pages. 

Listen and be responsive

Your social media presence should not be about you alone. Listen to what the people are saying or asking and tend to it. Give advice, offer help and solve problems. When people see this, they feel that you are not only in it for yourself. 

Create your unique voice 

It is hard to believe, but you have your own unique voice and should use it to your advantage. Do not copy someone else’s style when you can stand out with your own.  

Share relevant content

Creating content of your own is great, but to get the audience to come to you, share the love and share content that relates to you and resonates with the audience. 

Do not be rigid

Too many content creators get stuck in their ways. Be sure to stay adaptable and change with the trends. Being stubborn about change could mean the end of you. 

Spy on the competition

Whether you view your competition’s work or other viewers, you have to find out what they are doing and what works. Then only can you create something that stands out from their work. 

Honor the locals

Social media marketing and creating content online does not mean that you cater to an international market alone. The people who are close to home will probably support you first and stay loyal the longest. 

Use emotive language

Unlock the inner journalist in you and start using emotive language in your headlines. People like to get swept up in stuff and making it exciting is what this type of language was made for. 

Stay on top of edits

The one thing you do not want to do is to fall behind on the relevant stuff. Set an editorial calendar and treat the calendar with absolute respect.  


Content is king and marketers realize that the best channel to exploit this phenomenon is social media platforms. The right content targeted to the right audience can mean a big turnaround for your business. It’s been tried and it’s been tested by almost every business and if you haven’t done so or it has not worked for you, try these 21 tips. It will surely do the magic. 

**About the Author: Charlie Svensson is ranked as one of the top dissertation writers in the academic writing field, where he has spent years working with students from the best universities around the world. He’s equally good at writing essays, thesis, lab reports, term papers and personal statements. Currently, he is working on his new book titled ‘AI in school education,’ which he plans to release around December this year.