Chances are, you have. It doesn’t automatically mean you are irresponsible. Many people have problems with not writing fast enough: Some people lack the self-discipline necessary to meet deadlines, some procrastinate for days on end, unable to help it. Some are prevented from doing their best by an environment not good for studying.

Is there some way to help you battle these predicaments?

Well, today we have something to make sure you never end up in a situation like this ever again: an infographic with 15 tips for significantly boosting your writing speed! Sounds promising, right?

Some people, frustrated with their slow writing pace, are likely to look for radical ways of changing their lives. But a drastic solution can be a real shock for your brain to process and will probably not be successful.

What’s so different about these tips?


They are simple. Just stick to these basic techniques, and soon you will be equipped with the skills required for top-notch writing.