Social media can be defined in a nutshell as a group of internet-wired communication networks keen to community-based interactions, feedback, cooperation, and content-sharing.

There are many websites and mobile apps specifically designed for social networking, blogging, v-blogging, content curation, and social bookmarking. The most obvious and well-known social media platforms include:

  • Facebook — perhaps the most popular platform for social networking, it allows the users to share photos, chat and connect with family, colleagues, and friends.

  • Twitter — popular for microblogging, as it allows users to post short messages.

  • Google+ — though not as popular anymore, it allows you to create specific social network platforms for close interaction.

  • Wikipedia —  a unique platform to share content on an array of subjects in the form of well-researched articles.

  • LinkedIn — a social networking website specific for businesses and the professional community. It allows professionals to network and to make recommendations for businesses and other services.

Many social media platforms are used for marketing products and services, and many companies and institutions use these platforms to enhance their visibility and the work they do.

Social media marketing involves gaining attention or traffic through social media and online platforms. As seen above, each site has its own unique way for people to interact. For instance, advertising on Facebook may not be the same as advertising on Twitter. Depending on the target market, different sites may be used to get different results.

Best Social Media Trends in 2019

Social media plays a fundamental role in business marketing and content curation as a business owner –whether you’re a start-up or an established business, taking advantage of social media can highly benefit you.

To make the most of it, however, you should remember that social media is always changing and evolving. This is because new technologies and tools emerge frequently and people are always thinking of more innovative ways to dominate the market. Therefore, it is crucial that you master the changing trends on social media. It is a game that you must skillfully know how to play.

So, what will be hot in social media in 2019?

1.Video: This continues to the leading channel in social media. You can send videos on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and even Twitter. Millions of Internet users access these platforms each month.

2. Generation Z Focus: Generation Z is comfy with online technologies and skills that are almost new for older generations. Gen Z has developed in the present environment of cell-phone communications. They have smartphones and can easily access information on social media platforms.

3. Augmented Reality: This is a piece of interactive, real-world experience information generated by a computer. A good example is the Snapchat feature that allows for facial filters.

4. Live Streaming: This trend takes the channels that use video to a new level. Live streaming allows you to relay information on something as it happens. You won’t have to record or upload to social media platforms.

5. Influencer Marketing: You can use sponsored videos to help hundreds of subscribers get free access to your content. Although there are many ways to use influencer marketing to your advantage, YouTube is a very popular platform to showcase what you have to offer.

6. Messenger Apps: These operate the same way as video: they allow clients or customers to access business information and help business owners reach out the customers.

7. Social Listening: This is not something new, but it is definitely a trend that’s still very useful. While there are several platforms with unique features for marketing, having a presence in as many as possible will improve your interaction with customers. You can do this by employing social listening tools that enable you to monitor activities across the various platforms, while also offering answers to complaints raised by customers.

8. User-Generated Content: This entails using content that has been created by customers through reviews on certain products and services online. The reviews may encourage more people to buy your products or services. It can be in the form of videos, memes, or photos. It leads to improved customer experience as it gets them to be part of the business strategy.

9. Facebook Spaces: This operates just like augmented reality by creating perceptual information. The Spaces is also a virtual reality model that allows users to customize appearances, draw objects in 3D, and connect with others. Although Facebook may be considered timeworn by social media standards, it’s really adapting to new models and ways of reaching out to millennials.

10. Content Marketing: A few years back, content marketing was viewed as a side project. However, we now know it plays a significant role in improving business. It opens up an opportunity to have a two-sided conversation with your customers and sell your brand. By having great content, you are able to build your brand and earn trust.

11. Documented Content Strategy: Just as a marketing plan, you need to have a clear roadmap of strategies you will need to use in 2019. By doing a simple market assessment, you can design a good strategy to sustain your social media marketing.

12. Promoting Customer Success: This is a trend for marketing that enables a company to help its customers get value for money services or products. By complementing it with great content, your customers will be better able to let others know which products and services they’ve loved and found useful.

13. Change of the Marketing Funnel: While there’s nothing wrong with a business seeing customers as buyers, it’s important to make sure customers don’t feel ignored during the process.  In 2019, the trend is to transition businesses from a vendor status to that of a partner.

14. Email Marketing: Email marketing is another great distribution channel that can help companies improve their brands and reach distinctive audiences. This can be done by sending multitude newsletters and embracing software that can sort out mass email feedback, but also through the creation of campaigns for products and services.

15. Authenticity under Digital Platforms: No one likes receiving fake reviews on products or misrepresentation of product benefits. Authenticity goes a long way to improving a business brand, and it’s a trend that will definitely grow stronger in 2019.

The social media trends for 2019 will all cater to client experience by allowing the client to freely sample what is offered on the various platforms and making a decision on the best product or service to invest in. It’s all about creating relationships, engagements, and connections. By understanding the needs of your target audience, you will be able to attract numerous customers who will assist in generating more revenue for your business while also increasing the visibility of your company.

**About the Author: Michael Shannon is a content marketer and ad fraud expert who strives to help brands to plan effective business strategies including creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online. With five years of rich domain knowledge, he loves to share his views on modern technologies through well-researched content pieces.