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While this might not be a bad thing altogether because some of the followers weren’t your target audience to begin with, if it continues, you might eventually lose so many of them that to get new followers will be harder and will require twice more efforts and time. But, before you start to panic, let’s analyze the reasons behind it.

What Your Followers Are Looking for

The reason why people will follow you and your business on social media is the content you provide for them. There are several different reasons why they are seeking out great content. They might be looking for a solution or advice which addresses their problems and pain points. Also, they might be looking for informative and educational content, or something that will simply inspire or entertain them.

But, while you have set out to do that, you can get sidetracked if you make some of the following mistakes:

1. You post rarely

Since people are always looking for new content, they expect their favorite social media platforms to provide them with something on a regular and frequent basis. Once they figure out that your new posts are far and few in between, they will find another social media account in the same vein where they will be able to find new content. To be on track with your regular posting, make use of social media tools such as Buffer or BundlePost to help you manage different social media accounts and schedule your posts.

2. You post way too often

There is such a thing as posting too often. Not only will it become hard for your followers to keep up with you, but you also risk compromising the quality of your posts. Even if you are absolutely sure you have something brilliant on your hands and are excited to share it, don’t do it all at once. Each platform is different when it comes to posting frequency, with Twitter leading the pack, and Tumblr, Instagram, and Google+ not tagging far behind. You probably shouldn’t post more than once or twice a day on Facebook.

3. Your posts lack quality

It’s not just about the quantity, it is also all about the quality. If you are posting stuff that is too general and generic, or that which has numerous grammar mistakes, your followers will unfollow you and look for more intriguing social media accounts. Whenever you feel doubtful about your posts quality, get professional writing help. Also, your posts and your content might be great, but if you are not getting it in front of the right audience, you will also see a decline in the number of followers.

4. Your posts are too promotional

Of course, you are going to use your social media accounts to promote your brand and try to get your followers interested in buying your products, but you don’t have to be too pushy or obvious about it. Instead, engage them by posting instructional content, behind the scenes insights, and interactive content, such as poles or surveys. Once you earn their trust, you will be the first one they’ll turn to if they decide to make a purchase.

5. Your competitor is better

If there are people out there that are doing the same thing as you, people aren’t likely to follow you both. They will eventually decide on one, which offers better content and better offers. You can remedy this by checking out what your competitors are doing and prevent them early on from stealing your followers.

** About the Author: Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a content writer. She is passionate about covering topics on writing, business, careers, blogging and others. She believes that learning something new every day is a must. Her inspiration comes from reading books and online blog posts that cover a wide range of her interests. Meet Sophia at @Sophia7Anderson.

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