Twitter is just perfect for brands which want to interact with their target audiences on a regular basis and share insightful content that only emphasizes their expertise. But how to make sure that your tweets really work for your brand? Here are 10 essential tactics to help you take full advantage from your presence on Twitter.

1. Participate in the online conversation

It’s not worth to sit around, just waiting for people to come over and engage with your brand on Twitter. You probably know what kind of topics resonate with your audience, so buckle up and do some social listening to track interesting conversations happening on Twitter.

Once you got one, join it and speak out for your brand. Keep your tweets consistent and make sure that each of them actually adds value to the community. Avoid undermining your brand by talking about subjects where you lack expertise.

2. Use strong Calls-to-Action

One thing you should check out right now is this list of the most retweeted words compiled by Dan Zarrella. These words boost user engagement and you’ll see that all of them are basically calls-to-action. Words like follow, please retweet, help, or how to all generate a response from Twitter audiences.

Why is that? Because they’re focused on the receiver of the message, not its sender. Making your audience into an active subject of your tweets, you’ll be on your way to motivating them and following your call to action.

3. Listen in and monitor Twitter activity

Without a solid monitoring strategy you won’t get far on Twitter. You need to know everything about your target audience – what they like, what kind of hashtags they use, what they talk about and how they talk about these topics. Learn to speak their language and you’ll send tweets that actually resonate with them.

Remember that an average life-time of a tweet is just 20 minutes. This means that repeating tweets to maximize their exposure is absolutely ok – just make sure you’re not doing it too often. This is where a monitoring tool will come in handy as well.

4. Be consistent in responding

Expect people to voice their opinions about your brand and speak to you directly about their experience. Use your profile to control these interactions and respond in a consistent voice. Make sure to track and optimize your response time too – this study clearly shows that users expect a response within an hour.

As a brand, you need to deliver to the expectations of your audience. Your public responses will be visible to the entire community and help you show that you care about consumer feedback. Respond to all kinds of messages, not only the problematic ones. Thank for positive reviews and encourage feedback from your audience. Show them that their voice matters.

** About the author: Kate Bones is responsible for the growth of platform. In her free time, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience through blogging.


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